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Bad Spock Drawings

Thanks to SFSignal for alerting me to the Bad Spock Drawings website. Wow. People will collect anything…

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Obsenity, Blasphemy, Lewdness, Raunchiness, Vulgarity…

MarkCC on Good Math, Bad Math has a post relevant to Obscenity. I have a post wherein I make my opinion known about the use of certain words. I leave it to you, the reader, to form your own. Opinion, … Continue reading

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Harry Potter 7!

We are 26 days away from the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Have you reserved your copy yet? Have you figured out where the last horcruxes (horcrae? horcruxi?) are? Do you have a guess about R.A.B.? Do … Continue reading

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L.Ron Hubbard to the RESCUE!

Did you know that L.Ron Hubbard (why the ‘L’? Can’t I call him Ronny Hubbard?) created the first and only technology that allows people to truly study? Neither did I. Did you know that things are so simple that it’s … Continue reading

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This Week in Traffic: 25 June 2007

Dump the Pump Day You missed it. It was Friday last, but if you were in Wichita, you could have gotten an free ride to work. Transportation Evolution Discussed From the persepective of an Ontario, Canada, small town. South Africa … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of the Week

I spent all of last Sunday, and a lot of Saturday watching the U.S. Open Golf tournament. So did our cat.

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Run Away!

SFSignal has an post concerning possible early release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows information. I don’t know what it’s about because I refuse to read it! It’s become time where, at any mention of Harry Potter, I will … Continue reading

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This Solstice in Traffic: 21 June 2007

Happy Longest Day of the Year (in the northern hemisphere)! I don’t really consider this to be “the first day of summer” because it’s been summer for over a month. If you want to know what I really think, see … Continue reading

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Why Today isn't the First Day of Summer

For a while now, I’ve thought it somewhat silly that the first day of Summer falls on the solstice. This is the day where the Earth’s north pole is pointed as close to the sun as it will get, the … Continue reading

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Plagiarism on the Net

Anyone who blog posts in the fashion that I do is a plagiarist of some sort. Plagiarism in this case is defined as not citing your source information correctly. Now, keep in mind that my wife is a college professor … Continue reading

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