This Week in Traffic: 25 May 2007

Happy 0th birthday to Nathan Schierer!

Holy Crap, they built this fast…

MacArthur Maze, the freeway interchange ramp in California that had the unfortunate experience of a burning tanker truck full of gasoline, has reopened to traffic less than a month after the incident. Wow.

Don’t Drink and Scoot

Vegas pedestrians are renting handicapped scooters.

Texas Legislative Ban on Red Light Cameras?

Unfortunately, this is the first I’ve heard about this issue. I need to go look at this, because the full wording of the bill would be very important.

COPS for British Traffic Wardens

Traffic Bobbys are getting head cameras to deter outraged motorists. I know that this will be on Cops in a few months time.

Tacky House Numbers

Please. Don’t put these up on your house.

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