Smoky Skies

I’m deliberately stealing the title from Mebbie’s post concerning the same thing.

I’ve got a monster headache. Jenn is complaining (rightly) that her lungs are “on fire”.

Atlanta is blanketed by smoke from the Georgia/Florida fire, and it’s a pain. This is day two and it is not supposed to go away until tomorrow afternoon. I had a training class today in a building that usually has a wonderful view of downtown about 8 miles away, except we could barely see 8 furlongs away. It’s nasty.

0837 23 May Edit: I don’t get allergies, but I feel as if my head is going to go kaBOOM! We Want Rain!

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2 Responses to Smoky Skies

  1. Tom says:

    “8 furlongs”? somebody has been watching horse racing lately.

  2. Bill says:

    It was more a failure of my writing skillz than anything else. I couldn’t come up with a catchy way of saying, “Wow, it’s hazy out there.” Can’t even remember how long a furlong is, except that it’s measured in rods. 1/8 of a mile? … Google says yes, one furlong = 220 yards = 0.125 miles = 660 feet = 660.01321 US Survey Feet

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