Taunted by a Clown

Yesterday I participated in a service project with the Georgia chapter of ITE. We adopted a piece of Cumberland Boulevard to take care of as a part of the Cobb county Adopt-a-Mile program.

We found some interesting things during the litter clean up: panties, shoes, a rancid dead racoon, a credit card, 1 dollar, and random other junk. The project was capstoned when I was taunted by a clown.

I was walking up the median of the road, right across from the Cumberland Mall MARTA bus station when I hear, “Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, nyah!” I turn and see a clown, in full regalia, pointing at me and laughing. He says something that I can’t hear over the traffic noise, so I yell, “What?!” He then yells back, “Ha ha! I’ve been there! I’m glad I’m not doing that!”

I think for a moment and then respond, “Dude! We’re not serving time, here!”

So, the lesson for the day was: Don’t hire clowns for your child’s birthday party. They may be convicted criminals who have served time doing community service hours.

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4 Responses to Taunted by a Clown

  1. Mike says:

    Wow. That’s… odd and mildly disturbing.

  2. Bill says:

    But funny, nevertheless.

  3. Tom says:

    all i can think of is the drunk clown from Uncle Buck…

  4. Annie says:

    Just reinforcing the fact that I really don’t care for clowns. (In my case, I’ve never cared for clowns because my mother doesn’t like them. That, and watching Stephen King’s “IT” at too young an age.)

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