Google Maps Hack for Route Mapping

Thanks to Tom, I’ve been alerted to It lets you manually enter routes (say) for running and calculates your mileage to a degree that is way more accurate than you need. It gets you down to the 1/5th of a foot, which is a bit silly, in my opinion.

Here is an example, if you want to run along the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia.

This is neat, although time consuming if you don’t live in a place with absolutely straight routes. You need to click on each curve point, or Google will draw straight lines across the intervening territory. While this would be an entertaining run, I don’t advocate it.

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One Response to Google Maps Hack for Route Mapping

  1. Mike says:

    I remember running across this a while ago, and they’ve improved the functionality a bit since I last looked… I used it to get a rough estimate of the mileage for my bike ride to and from work.

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