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Would you like to see what the continents looked like while T.Rex was eating things? How about when the explosion of lifeforms in the cambrian occurred? Maybe what the earth looked like when the dinosaurs were wiped out by the Chicxulub impact at the end of the cretaceous?

If so, be sure to go to the PALEOMAP Project by Christopher Scotese. Click on the Earth History section to get to the maps. He includes his projections (guesses, really) on what Earth will look like in 100 and 250 million years.

I didn’t know until looking through this site that there have been times in the past without polar icecaps. I’m not a geologist, and I’ve never really thought about it before. I suppose (now, I’m guessing) that if there are oceans in the vicinity of the poles without landmasses to maintain the ice, it will all float away and melt. Sounds logical, although I have no idea if that hypothesis is anywhere close to accurate.

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