The Neverending Story, a.k.a. Lost

It’s been a long time since I swore off Lost, in all of it’s disglory. It was after the third episode of season two, when they had ended the hour with the exact same cliffhanger. At that moment, I was done. I was both enraged and sad because I had loved the first season. I posted about it then, and the thread is still getting the occasional comment.

Thankfully, I got out.

Those poor souls whom I am aquainted with that are still mired in the Lost world occasionally tell me some tidbit of what’s going on. It does my heart good to see that my TV instincts were on track in this case.

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  1. Ken says:

    I never got into Lost, but I thought of you this morning as I was reading Xenobiologista’s blog. She recently got “Origen” after taking the “Which Church Father are You?” quiz. I think she was aiming to be St. Francis of Assisi with her “self-mutilation” answer. :)

    I’m trying to score for Thomas Aquinas, Erasmus, or Martin Luther. …Who do you score as?

    (BTW, I got “Mid-Atlantic (NJ, PA, MD, NoVA)” on the dialect quiz)

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