This Week in Traffic: 2 May 2007

Warning: Alligators

Don’t park your alligator illegally.

Annoying Traffic Copters

Oakland residents are complaining about the helicopters hovering over the collapsed freeway bridge. I know where they are coming from, in a limited sense. The Peachtree Road Race is a 10k race in Atlanta, GA every 4th of July. It’s the largest 10k in the world (55,000 runners). When you arrive at the start line, you are treated to 2 hours of droning helicopters. It’s annoying after a while. I think it is the one thing that detracts from the race day.

Texas Department of Transportation

One person’s opinion about TxDOT.

Cory Lidle: Pilot Error

Cory Lidle, deceased pitcher for the NY Yankees and Tyler Stanger, his pilot instructor, died due to pilot error according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

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