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Second Atlanta Airport

When you look at this image, what do you see? I see a spaghetti-tangle of aircraft travel corridors. These are the airports within 30 miles of Atlanta that have instrument landing systems. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (the southernmost red blob) is, of … Continue reading

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Amusing Inference

Warning: The following post can be likened to blaming global warming for the hot weather we had in March. It should be taken with all due amusement… Today I read a story: SEATTLE — A 27-year-old man described as one … Continue reading

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Going Overboard

Insane Harry Potter fans now have a theme park to look forward to. I wil admit to being a huge Harry Potter fan, but not an insane one. Insane ones love ALL the movies and go to ALL of the … Continue reading

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It's the End of The World

Blog Like It’s The End Of The World My Elves are Different is calling for a worldwide blog-o-bonanaza on June 13th, 2007. Blog Like it’s the End of the World asks that you blog about the Zombie invasion going on … Continue reading

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His Jesus and Your Jesus

A lot of my four readers are left-wing pinko commies. Thusly, they’ll probably get a kick out of John Scalzi’s1 What My Jesus Would Do post. I confess that I did not read the whole thing, because I didn’t think … Continue reading

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Scalzi on Star Wars

I’ve had Star Wars on my mind because yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the debut of Epidode IV: A New Hope (a.k.a. STAR WARS). John Scalzi, the author of Old Man’s War1, which you may have seen knocking around … Continue reading

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Battle on Safari

Witness an epic struggle between lions and buffalo and crocodiles! “Wicked”, is the word that leaps to mind. Thanks to my good buddy Dave, who clued me in to this one.

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This Week in Traffic: 25 May 2007

Happy 0th birthday to Nathan Schierer! Holy Crap, they built this fast… MacArthur Maze, the freeway interchange ramp in California that had the unfortunate experience of a burning tanker truck full of gasoline, has reopened to traffic less than a … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of the Week

You don’t often look at traffic signals from this angle.

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Smoky Skies

I’m deliberately stealing the title from Mebbie’s post concerning the same thing. I’ve got a monster headache. Jenn is complaining (rightly) that her lungs are “on fire”. Atlanta is blanketed by smoke from the Georgia/Florida fire, and it’s a pain. … Continue reading

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