This Week in Traffic: 27 April 2007

Traffic And Diets

How do you compare dieting to traffic jams? Read and find out.

Scalable Transportation Networks

Is the automobile doomed in a future transportation network?

Personal Effect on Traffic Congestion

This guy has bought in to the myth that you can have a measurable effect on traffic congestion. I don’t buy it. People who think they are having a net positivie effect are merely approaching the existing congestion with a better frame of mind, which makes it appear to them that things are better. Congestion is not about individual vehicles; it’s a mob thing, with a lot of basis in experimental fluid dynamics.

Traffic Deaths for Travelling Americans

If you’re travelling abroad, stay away from the roads, unless their filled with Yaks.

Declaration of Independence: Local Style

The Las Cruces, NM, Transportation Federation has issued a Declaration of Independence.

Let’s Ride Bikes

Why ride bicycles? Bike Nazi answers.

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