This Week in Traffic: 25 April 2007

Always Contest a Speeding Ticket

One of the first things I learned when I became a traffic engineer was how easy it is to beat a speeding ticket. In Texas, a speed limit is not legal unless it is placed using a few, very narrow, procedures. If the speed limit was placed otherwise, no ticket. Also in Texas, a speed limit sign is accurate to within +/- 5 feet, so if you can show that the sign was placed incorrectly (in your favor of course), no ticket. Here is a website listing other legal means for defending yourself in traffic court.

But is it Warranted?

Webster Groves, near St. Louis is having a public perception issue with a temporary traffic signal. The signal is being installed to handle diverted traffic due to construction. The article talks about public perceptions and pedestrian access and safety, but I’m curious if an engineering study has been conducted to determine if this signal is warranted or not. Unwarranted signals slow traffic, reduce capacity, increase delay, and can be more dangerous than other types of control.

Child in Traffic Not Struck

Video of a close call in Russia.

Brazillian Mid-Air Collision News

More developments from the Sept. 29, 2006 mid-air collision that killed all aboard the Boeing 737 and injured none on the other.

Traffic Calming in Maryland

Maryland is embracing traffic calming. Now we (engineers) need to train journalists to say “roundabout” and “modern roundabout” rather than “traffic circle” as they are very different animals.

World Trade Center Transportation Annex

The design for the transportation hub of the new World Trade Center in NY looks like an excellent place to play frisbee or roller hockey.

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