Tour de Georgia

The last stage of the 2007 Tour de Georgia was today, in downtown Atlanta and points east. This leg was nine laps of a 7.4 mile loop (map here). Jenn and I drove down to watch and sat at the corner of Highland and Sampson Streets. This is a re-building part of Atlanta with lots of apartments, townhomes, and refurbished houses, not too far from Little Five Points. There were lots of pretty people walking around, which we both appreciated.

The race was cool. I’ve never been to a professional cycling event before, and I was impressed by the speed of the cyclers going by. Thankfully, I got to watch them go by nine times, so I didn’t drive 45 minutes for [whoosh], “Ok honey, time to go home.”

Lots of pictures available at my flickr set. Some special notes: We watched an Atlanta police officer have a seizure on the sidewalk. Not good. Of course, he’s a cop, so the ambulance and a gazillion other responders were there in milliseconds; There were dogs everywhere; There were also people on bikes everywhere. It is apparently the thing to ride a long way to watch one of these races. One set of people next to us had ridden in 40 miles and were tanking up on beer before heading back.

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