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To Be Read

This is my to-be-read pile.

It is large. There are 18* books of one type or another in it. One is three books in one (“Confusion” by Neal Stephenson), two are compilations of short stories (Best of Lovecraft and Collected Stories of Arthur Clarke), one is self-help (“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”)one is an autobioagraphy (Ben Franklin’s) and one is a manifesto (“Common Sense”). The rest are novels.

Most every confirmed bibliophile has one of these stack. It doesn’t seem like much until you run around the dwelling and collect all unread books into a pile. Then it seems a bit daunting.

Here is my Manifesto to go with this stack:

“I will not buy more than 18 books before finishing this stack.”

This works out to 1 book from the stack per 1 purchased book. Note that books I check out of the library do not count against this. I can read as many of those as I want. I’m just not allowed to buy any more books than I read in this stack.

Now, if I stick to plan, I’ll read at least a few of these before I make my next run to Barnes & Noble or Unfortunately, a few of these are pretty cumbersome. “Common Sense,” “The Confusion,” and the Autobiography of Ben Franklin may take me a while. However, I’ve also been know to ready three or more books at once…

*Alert readers will note only 17 books in the image. I found one more afterward.

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