According to American Idol

It does not pay to strive to be a good teacher. You just need to be hott, with two ‘t’s.

This is why Sanjaya survived as long as he did on American Idol.

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4 Responses to According to American Idol

  1. Jim says:

    Oh no! I fear that my teaching career may be short-lived.

  2. Mebbie says:

    Does it say anything about me and my life if I didn’t even have a clue that Sanjaya got kicked off until I read this entry? The hint was the past tense reference.

  3. Bill says:

    Geez, Mebbie. We’re not even watching AI this year and we knew that! You’re spending too much time with that guy and not enough sitting on your butt in front of the tube.

  4. Chris says:

    Please explain what part of Sanjaya you thought was “hott”? Or maybe I’m better off not knowing.

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