I’m not now the proud owner of an Ipod Nano, 8gb version, black. It cost $249, which is something on the order of $100 cheaper then the full size 80gb full size video Ipod.

Jenn thinks I’m silly to spend 2/3 the price for 1/10 the storage, but I thought size was the winning factor here, as evidenced by the image.

New Ipod Nano with Old Ipod

I’ve been putting off this purchase for a long time because, let’s all face it, $250 is a lot of money for a glorified Walkman. But, I received a $150 windfall from my employer due to this being my third anniversary so, what the hell.

Size was my most important factor because I’m going to use this machine extensively while running, plus I like to carry things around in my pockets that aren’t the size of a small brick.

Yay me. I’ve joined the mp3 generation.

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