PM Training

If you read this blog, like Tom, you might wonder why I’ve been in MD two weeks out of two. Last week I was here for a company Technology Conference. This week I’m here for Project Management Training.

PSMJ TrainingThe training is for, obviously, project managers, and it is half procedure, half motivational seminar, half good practices, and half leadership training. That’s a lot of halves to pack into 3.5 days. And truthfully, after the first intensive day of training, I think I can state that this is a brief patina of the skills that must be nurtured and developed in order to be a good project manager. I’ve already taken about 15 pages of notes, probably about 1/3 of which I’ll get good info out of. Applying all of this knowledge will be a challenge.

More later. We’re meeting upper management at Outback for dinner and drinks, and I’m late.

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2 Responses to PM Training

  1. Tom says:

    Damn that’s barely legible even when viewed in larger format in Flickr. Someone needs to work on their penmanship. Plus, why no white board?

  2. Bill says:

    The paper write-ups are useless without having been there for the presentation. I don’t recommend trying to figure out what was going on from the photo.

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