Big Schools, Big District, Big Budget

The Atlanta Journal Constitution had an article on Tuesday stating that Gwinnett County, Georgia (east of Atlanta, just outside the I-285 perimeter) climbed in enrollment by 55% this year, and now has 9.8% of all public school students in Georgia. That’s one county!


Their fiscal 2008 budget is $1.7 billion. Quoting the AJC:

Gwinnett schools expect to enroll more students this August than the populationsof 138 of Georgia’s 159 Counties.

Double Wow. I live in Cobb County, which has, by all reports, an excellent public school system. I don’t have any kids, so I can’t report on those reports, but I need to go dig up the statistics for my county and see how it compares.

Anyone I know looking for teaching jobs?

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  1. Jim says:

    Anyone I know looking for teaching jobs?

    Well, I guess that’s always an option… though I hate to think what salaries are like.

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