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This Week in Traffic: 30 April 2007

Smart Traffic Sign in Tel Aviv Israel deploys a system that tries to alert drivers of potential collisions. Hydrocarbon Hydrogen Fuels Study says that Hydrogen car could fuel the U.S. Transportation sector. Where will we get the energy to create … Continue reading

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Only Two More Posts

This is a totally egregious posting. Down below, you’ll notice one of those internet quizzes, this one concerning what american accent I speak with. Unfortunately, the way it is formatted really screws with IE version 6, and probably others. So, … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of the Week

This photo is labeled as a favorite because of the subject matter, not the photo itself. Aslan is, of course, the iconic christ character from C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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This Week in Traffic: 27 April 2007

Traffic And Diets How do you compare dieting to traffic jams? Read and find out. Scalable Transportation Networks Is the automobile doomed in a future transportation network? Personal Effect on Traffic Congestion This guy has bought in to the myth … Continue reading

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Today's Fun Traffic Post…

…is a cross post. Go to Gadling for a cool traffic sign

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Rockin' Awesome Comic

xkcd Rocks. I love this thrice-weekly comic. Today’s is particularly apropos for me…

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This Week in Traffic: 25 April 2007

Always Contest a Speeding Ticket One of the first things I learned when I became a traffic engineer was how easy it is to beat a speeding ticket. In Texas, a speed limit is not legal unless it is placed … Continue reading

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Good Writing

Absotively the best, most fantabulous writing ever is described here, on The Darkness that Comes After. You must go read it. Do it. Especially you, Steph.

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According to American Idol

It does not pay to strive to be a good teacher. You just need to be hott, with two ‘t’s. This is why Sanjaya survived as long as he did on American Idol.

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Biblioholic's Manifesto

This is my to-be-read pile. It is large. There are 18* books of one type or another in it. One is three books in one (“Confusion” by Neal Stephenson), two are compilations of short stories (Best of Lovecraft and Collected … Continue reading

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