SpaceX Launch

They counted all the way to T-0 and no launch. That’s disappointing. Thanks to Physics is Phun for for making sure I was online for the launch.

The most priceless moment was the dude who was in the control booth about 2 minutes after launch time who said, very clearly, broadcast to everyone in the world, “Ohhh…fuck.” He seemed very disappointed, too.

I don’t mean to make light. This is a fabulous project I want to see succeed, but you have to get levity where you find it.

Update:At 20:16 EDT, the launch team is recycling the count to T-00:11:00. No idea when they’ll actually do that, though.

2nd Update:At 20:4420:55 EDT I notice that we’re sitting at a T-00:16:00. Go SpaceX! We’re counting down.

3rd Update:SpaceX Launch! We watched the webcast while it climbed from the atoll toward orbit. We saw the stage separation and heard the shouts of joy from the control booth. Fairing separation and more shouts of joy. We watched the second stage ascend with a view of the glowing engine bell then…[poof] no more webcast connection.

Damn. I hope the vehicle is ok.

4th Update:Quoting

0115 GMT (9:15 p.m. EDT Tues.)

T+plus 5 minutes, 5 seconds. Telemetry has been lost, SpaceX spokeswoman tells reporters. The webcast provided by the company has stopped too.

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