PodCamp Atlanta 2007 Review

PodCamp Atlanta 2007
PodCamp Atlanta was a rockin’ good time!

This unConference was centered around Podcasting and how to do it or do it better. There were endless networking opportunities and I met a ton of great people. Everyone I spoke with asked me the question, “So, do you podcast?” to which I answered, “Not at the moment, but I’m thinking about it.” The equivalent question from me received about a 50% yes rate, and another 30% “I’m learning how to podcast right now.”

Blog your unConference!It is always interesting to be in a group of people where I am one of the least wired around. During sessions, at least 10 people were typing away on their laptops, uploading content, blogging about the conference. Me, I had a steno pad (but I took a lot of good notes). That’s how I roll.

When I was at Dragon*Con last year, I had been mildly inspired to do a podcast concerning…something. I had no idea what. These ideas have solidified somewhat, and I’ve developed a punch list for accomplishing a regular-ish podcast. Keep watching this space for more.

Check out the flickr for photos (including mine) of PodCamp Atlanta.

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