This Week in Traffic: 3 March 2007


Mentioned by Justen Stepka, here is a list of Top 11 underground transportation systems with images and video.

Highway Protest

University of California Santa Barabara students protest the Iraq war by occupying a strip of highway. I guess they didn’t read the “PEDESTRIANS BICYCLES MOTOR-DRIVEN CYCLES PROHIBITED” sign on the entrance ramp.

Google Traffic

Google Maps offers Traffic conditions in ITS-capable cities around the U.S. Interestingly, the google traffic map seems to be providing information on a portion of the Atlanta highway system that our local ITS system ( does not have available. That makes me wonder what the difference is between these two systems, and where they are gathering their data.

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2 Responses to This Week in Traffic: 3 March 2007

  1. Mike says:

    Google Maps has now become even more fantastically useful with the traffic addition. They’ve also upgraded a lot of their urban imagery I have noticed.

    Any thoughts about the bus accident? Some of the accounts seemed to place a hefty helping of blame on the design of the interchange, but none of them seemed to show pictures of the interchange in question.

  2. Bill says:

    it’s pretty obvious what happened. The bus driver either nodded off a bit or just wasn’t paying attention, headed over the interior HOV offramp (see here) and figured it was an overpass instead of a T intersection. He must have tried to make the turn onto Northside Drive when he realized what he had done because he hit the fence at a sharper angle than the road shows and landed on the left side on the highway below. This particular HOV interchange has had some previous issues including people going north on the southbound lanes.

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