More Suspicious Devices in Boston

Another scurrilous bomb plot is foiled in Boston. This suspicious device was detonated by the Boston Police Department.
A Traffic Counter is mistaken for a Bomb

Here is the original story.

Here is a video of it being detonated.

Looks like I’m out of a job! Either that or we’ll have to navigate through new layers of bureacratic oversight before placing traffic counters. At the moment, there are none, generally, and traffic counting firms can place counters wherever they want. This leads to quick turnaround times for needed information, which is good! Now, I forsee three-month waiting periods and police escorts for the people placing the counters.

Woo hoo. I love living in a post 9-11 world.

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One Response to More Suspicious Devices in Boston

  1. James Cronen says:

    I was going to write something fancy, but I’m pretty much speechless. The Aqua Teen Hunger Farce was bad enough, but one tiny sliver of my brain could conceivably understand some degree of initial fright. (But why Menino, Coakley, and the police blew it all out of proportion is well beyond me.)

    But this? A device that police themselves run into every day? What’s next, traffic lights?

    Boston is quickly becoming a national embarrassment. A city that was once on the forefront of technology is finally showing in actual words and deeds why they’ve lost a significant portion of their post-college young people in recent years.

    This article, Fear and Loathing in the Bay State, is a fantastic read, if a little heavy. It expresses in words why Robin and I left the Boston area. We never could put our dissatisfaction succinctly into words, and the article sums it all up neatly.

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