This Week in Traffic

Taiwan Moves ‘Em Along!

Taiwan’s Lunar New Year celebrations brings 1.6 million vehicles in one day on three highways! Wow!

Columbia, SC Does Something about Wrecks

They show statitical reductions across the board, but will they maintain it for another year? I hope so…

Another Bomb Plot with LED’s

Like the Aqua Teen Boston fiasco, a man was arrested for placing little lights on signal poles.

More Camera Enforcement of Signals Discussion

This seems to be the month for it. Alabama debates using camera enforcement.

Traffic Camera Records Murder

In Cali, Colombia, a traffic monitoring camera recorded the murder of 4 people. Hopefully they will use the images effectively to capture the second gunman.

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One Response to This Week in Traffic

  1. James Cronen says:

    I’m getting real sick of this “a light is a terrorist device” crap. A light is a light. Something with flashing lights is still a light. Something with batteries and wires is still a light.

    Something with plastic explosive in it is a bomb.

    There’s a very large difference between the two.

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