Sick as Proverbial Pooch

I have a nasty cold. It started on Friday last and by Saturday I was down for the count. The couch and I became very close friends. I didn’t sleep during the day much, so I watched a lot of movies and TV. Here’s the count, plus my evaluation.

  • The Guardian. Kevin Costner and Aashton Kutcher. Old-hand Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer teaches values to New Recruit. Entirely predictable and not worth your time, although it had cool rescue scenes.
  • Flyboys. James Franco. American Cowboy goes to Europe to fly against Germany in WWI. Really REALLY predicatvle and not worth your time.
  • Accepted. Justin Long. High School graduate who isn’t a slacker somehow is not accepted to any colleges (?) and through a series of unfortunate events, founds his own. Exactly what I expected, so it didn’t disappoint, but my expectations were low. The main character had an annoying tendency to pratfall every third scene or so. Why? I don’t know; it was unnecessary.
  • Still to be watched: A Scanner Darkly and Little Miss Sunshine.

    TV Movies watched this weekend: Under Siege, the only Steven Seagal movie worth watching; Love Actually, a Christmas movie that drove me nuts in the theater, but wasn’t horrible on TV with Tivo at hand; Notting Hill, one of Jenn and My favorite movies; How to lose a guy in 10 Days, which while stupid, wasn’t so stupid I didn’t like it.

    I also watched an excellent snake documentary on the Discovery Channel with that Nature Narrator Dude who does all sorts of shows (who’s name I cannot recall). They had snake-cameras and everything. Even a cute baby cobra.

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    4 Responses to Sick as Proverbial Pooch

    1. Mebbie says:

      Wow…you must be feeling really ill to be watching all that… ;-)

    2. Ken says:

      There must be something going around. I woke up yesterday thoroughly congested and with a sore throat. I was taking Tylenol Cold and Cold-eeze yesterday in the hopes it doesn’t get worse. The sysad across the hall from me looked rheumy-eyed and miserable. She left early yesterday.

      Discovery Channel and History Channel must be the “last refuge of the sick and homebound?” I do the same thing when I’m home. I occasionally check my email or surf the web, but if I’m that miserable, I keep to the couch with the Discovery channels as my companions.

    3. Bill says:

      I actually don’t watch much Discovery Channel because so much of it is unvarnished schlock. The Mythbusters keep me entertained, and the occasional nature show will prevent me from hitting the channel changer, but so much of the rest of it is low-brow ill-informed junk. I’m more of a fan of the History Channel, but even there, they don’t put in a lot of effort to be thorough, as I’m sure any history buff would agree.

    4. Heidi says:

      Little Miss Sunshine was quite enjoyable. Just watched it the other day with Joe. Quirky, as expected. And … Joe’s been sucking down the Thera-Flu like it’s candy. Or water. Or whatever would make this metaphor work. It’s not coming to me.

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