This Week in Traffic: 19 February 2007

Vista Traffic

At least one person thinks Windows Vista is cool because of some of the plugins.

Traffic Circle Stories

Doahleigh describes the fun at her traffic circle in Jackson, Michigan. From her description, I assume that this is indeed a traffic circle and not a modern roundabout. A roundabout would have fewer signs and no driveways.

Road Passion?

In a stark contrast to road rage, a couple in Jerusalem holds up traffic while having sex.

Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming standards are still in their infancy. Here is James Robertson’s take on the measures near his home in Maryland.

I stumbled across this website in a web search. I have not perused it in detail, yet, but it seems to have good information for people interested in Urban Planning topics.

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2 Responses to This Week in Traffic: 19 February 2007

  1. James Cronen says:

    I perused Cyburbia for a good half-hour and it’s quite a good read for those of us interested in urban planning. It’s also good to see that a lot of the posters are actually town supervisors and planning board members rather than just people like me that are interested in the subject but have no control above raising a stink at my local council meetings.

  2. Annie says:

    Traffic Circles around here suck. This one in particular. Adding to the chaos is the fact that there is a traffic light at the intersection of Park Ave. and Main St. so traffic that has a green light on Park Ave often ignores the fact that they have to yield to traffic in the circle. I’ve gotten nearly creamed a number of times as I’ve navigated my way from Rt 20 to Rt. 5 South (3/4 rotation around the circle).

    Note that Rt 5 actually goes under the Circle – there are entrance and exit ramps from 5 into the circle.

    If you scroll along SSE on Google Maps, you’ll see that Circles were the interchage of choice for dealing with Rt. 5 and bridges coming across the CT river.

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