This Week in Traffic: 16 February 2007

Traffic Calming

Businesses often have objections to traffic calming devices, warranted or not. I have never gone looking for before/after studies dealing with business numbers.

Officer Goes Below and Beyond

A California police officer ejaculates on a driver. “I’m not wearing any pants. Film at eleven.”

Personal Rapid Transit Smackdown

Ken Avidor has bad things to say about Personal Rapid Transit.

More from Santa Cruz

As mentioned in an earlier posting, Santa Cruz, CA has a contentious population. Apparently, however, an advisory panel consisting of 77(!) people is beginning to pall on even those citizens

Stuck in the Snow

Just yesterday, I was telling a friend that it had been 1998 when last I experienced real snowfall. At least, I haven’t had to deal with being stuck on a highway for 24 hours.

Teen Driving Restrictions Save Lives

AAA has released a study indicating that restrictions on teen driving lead to fewer fatal crashes.

States with the nation’s toughest teen driving laws have more than a third fewer crashes causing death or injury involving 16-year-old drivers, according to the study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

I’m in favor; my 15 year old sister is not. I can vote; she can’t

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