Happy Valentine's Day!

A friend recently reported that a customer called the restaurant where he works. Here is the paraphrased conversation:

Friend: “Good evening. May I help you?”
Customer: “Are the clocks set correctly on your registers? I’ve a receipt here that says 7:45 by I know I was there at 8:30.”
Friend: “I’ll check, sir.”

Friend: “Yes, sir, the clocks are all correct.”
Customer: “Well, my wife wants to know where I was for that 45 minutes and I want you to tell her that I was at the restaurant!”

Ahhh, fidelity.

In that vein, there was a Monday article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about how Valentine’s Day is especially busy for private investigators (reg. req’d). A lot of cheating spouses can’t resist meeting their paramours on February 14th. In the spirit of euphemism and innuendo, here is a quote from the article.

[The private investigator] checked into the room next door, and through the thin walls, captured what she euphemistically described as ‘a lot of audio.’ “They’d go out to eat, come back, and we’d catch some more audio,” she said.

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