Robert Jordan

As mentioned in my post of April 7, 2006, Robert Jordan, the author of The Wheel of Time, was diagnosed with amyloidosis and has been undergoing treatment since May.

Silly me, I had figured that the Tor website where I first caught the news would occasionally have updates, at least to say, “He’s not dead yet.” I continue to be unimpressed by Tor’s web presence. They need to take some pages from the manual of Baen Books.

I apparently haven’t been shopping around the right web spaces. An article in Forbes brought me up to speed. It covers the difference between a fan and a FAN. The first type likes RJ’s books and the second is willing to donate bone marrow for his treatment.

Latest prediction is that the last book will be out in 2009, at some obscenely high page-count. RJ has stated in my presence that there will be only one more book, if we have to wheel it out of Barnes and Noble with a handcart.

Hopefully, RJ’s illness will go into complete remission and he will be able to get back to the writing that he loves. Personally, if it is a choice between the man’s life and the end of the Wheel of Time, I say that he should concentrate on recovery.

Robert Jordan’s struggle with amyloidosis and other things is chronicled in his blog.

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