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I used to live in Lubbock Texas. You may have heard about it last night on Heroes wherein our chirpy protagonista Claire is supposedly skipping school to visit the aquarium there (Aquarium? Lubbock? Bobby Knight must have brought it with him).

Apparently, there’s been some excitement recently. Enough hit the AP wires at least. A man has been setting traps on the bike trails around town to deter bicyclists from riding in environmentally sensitive areas. As one of my friends might say, “Freaking Hippies!” Not that I don’t applaud this man’s goal, but his methods seem a bit…ummmm, felonius.

If you click on the previous link, you’ll notice that it is a google search page. As of 6 Feb 07, there were tons and tons of hits to this story, most from news organizations. But if you search within the local Lubbock Avalanche Journal’s website you get…nothing.

It’s good to see that the citizens of West Texas are being well served by their news companies. “If you don’t know about it, ask a neighbor,” while true in Lubbock, doesn’t help anyone who wants to research the archives.

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