This Week in Groundhogs/Traffic: February 2 2007

Happy Groundhog Day!

Groundhog Central

Sun Prairie, WI, claims to be Groundhog Central.

Parking Enforcement by Camera

Street Sweeping parking laws will be enforced by cameras mounted on street sweepers in Washington D.C. I like it. They should do the same thing with Snow Emergency days, except you wouldn’t be able to read the license plates.

Timely Announcement

With all the furor about Atlanta’s traffic, there was an announcement on Wednesday that the Atlanta Regional Commission (Atlanta Metro’s 10 county planning organization) is awarding a grant to the Atlanta Bureau of Planning (strictly a city office). This will allow them to develop a transportation plan to address growth initiatives. Ironically, a quick stop (2/1/07) at both the ABoP and the ARC websites did not reveal this announcement.

Photography is a great website, first populated by Philip Greenspun. Here is a selection of candid photos concerning transportation.

Driving a Humvee through Bagdad

This link will take you to a comments page, through which you can click to the youtube video. Excellent driving techniques. I should try them on my daily commute.

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