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This Week in Traffic

Taiwan Moves ‘Em Along! Taiwan’s Lunar New Year celebrations brings 1.6 million vehicles in one day on three highways! Wow! Columbia, SC Does Something about Wrecks They show statitical reductions across the board, but will they maintain it for another … Continue reading

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Sick as Proverbial Pooch

I have a nasty cold. It started on Friday last and by Saturday I was down for the count. The couch and I became very close friends. I didn’t sleep during the day much, so I watched a lot of … Continue reading

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As brought to me by, here is Mango, a worthy successor to Badger and Bananaphone.

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Well, after all of the hurly burly about I’ve been hearing lately, I decided to go check it out. I popped through some articles, and read their commandments, and was heartily amused. For example, under the article Theory of … Continue reading

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Shark Jumping: Thy Name is Battlestar

I’m disappointed to note that I believe Battlestar Galactica has Jumped the Shark. Almost the entirety of season 3 has been disjointed and weird. The beginning credits note that the Cylons “Have a Plan” but even they don’t seem to … Continue reading

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This Week in Traffic: 23 February 2007

Fines by Fone In Dubai, UAE, the traffic police will be issuing traffic citations by phone soon. This will teach those crazy people in Lubbock who don’t want to enforce their traffic lights with automatic cameras. Speaking of Lubbock My … Continue reading

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Bikini Waxing

I feel…naughty posting this. But, it’s not porn, so my reputation, as it is, should be ok. Check out this youtube video of various women (and one guy) getting a bikini wax. Very entertaining…

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Dresden Files

I’ve been trying to write a post about the Dresden Files since the second episode. I keep putting it down and then the next week’s episode is broadcast and I have to modify it. Everything below the fold was my … Continue reading

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Wikipedia is Down!

I can’t access Wikipedia! We’re all going to die! 10:40 edit: It’s back up. We’ll live after all.

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Know Your Neighbors

Befriend your neighbors or something like this might happen to you. This man was dead for a year before he was discovered. That’s just wrong.

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