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A group is trying to guilt Atlanta Drivers into following the rules of the road on I-75. The linked article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution gives a thumbnail overview of the plan by CARma to encourage drivers on I-75 through … Continue reading

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RPI managed to snatch a tie from the jaws of victory last night in the annual Big Red Freakout (RPI’s version of homecoming). RPI tied St. Lawrence 3-3. Keep in mind I’m talking about college hockey here! This lengthens our … Continue reading

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This Week in Traffic: 19 Jan 2007

Amusing Headline This is only included for the Headline: “Zipper Repairs Snarls Traffic for Hours.” Dancing Traffic Cop Title says it all… DUI vs. Non-DUI Fatalities Russell Sadler has some good points regarding the amount of attention paid to alcohol-related … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Spacecraft

It’s because I read The Bad Astronomy Blog that I get links like this major freaking awesome comparison of sizes between various science fiction spacecraft. Go and ogle.

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Super Bowl Ad

Thanks to Tom [husband of Steph] for once again demonstrating why NH rocks! The winner of the Super Bowl Ad contest is from Portsmouth, NH, and works in Portland, ME, two very nice places to be. Check out the pitch … Continue reading

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Book Reviews redux

19 book reviews on the 14th of January. 315 pages per book(taken from the statistics, which admittedly, contain blank pages and title pages, etc.) 5,984 pages in one day. I’m impressed, as always, by Ms. Harriet Klausner. Useless crap.

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xkcd Rules!

I’ve been going through the Xkcd comics and if it merited a chuckle, I’m posting it here. because it’s so random. Velociraptors! Awesome. More Velociraptors I am so … Continue reading

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Kennesaw is Armed to the Teeth

One of the blogs I read, Deltoid, came out with this tidbit today, about my neigboring town, Kennesaw, Georgia. It discusses the relationship between gun ownership and burglaries, and it mentions that Kennesaw passed an ordinance in 1981 that required … Continue reading

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James Cameron is the Man!

James Cameron is exploring new territory, as usual. He will be coming out with a movie that pushes boundaries back, just like The Terminator, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and Titanic. This project (which isn’t exactly new, but I … Continue reading

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Galactic Faerie Lights

If you don’t like fantastic wondrous phenomenal things, do not click on this link.

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