This Week in Traffic: 31 January 2007

Tennessee Fatality Rate Dropping

The reduction is credited to greater enforcement, new seat belt laws, and stricter drunk driving standards (0.08% BAC). Or it could be a statistical anomaly. Crash statisics are difficult to get ahold of and identify causal factors. Several more years of data are necessary to draw good conclusions. With that in mind, check out this article citing Mississippi’s decrease in fatalities, which notes the difficulty in seeing trends with only a few years worth of data.

NextGen Air Traffic Control Network

Boeing and Lockheed announce… Nevermind. This is boring. Let’s mine the article for industry-standard double talk!

Boeing and Lockheed Martin officials say that, by working together, the companies can leverage their expertise in air traffic management and aircraft-centric solutions to implement bold changes and help the U.S. government overcome the challenges that lie ahead in transforming the current air traffic control system.

…will bring together world-class capabilities to accelerate solutions for a growing air traffic capacity problem.

…industry needs to look from the ground to the sky for innovation.

Nice lines, eh?

Oysters = Donald Trump?

On top of the traffic nightmare in Atlanta caused by Donald Trump’s inexplicable popularity, there is the Oyster Jam in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. I haven’t heard about any legislators getting up in SC to lambast the police like they did last Friday in Atlanta. For more on the Atlanta traffic disaster see my response to the state legislator.

Vehicle Pollution hurts Kids, to the Sound of Music!

There has been a deluge of news and blog posts concerning a research study from last year that demonstrated lifetime damage to children who breath significant amounts of vehicular smog. This one grabs the eye better than most.

O’Hare is Expanding, Too

Hartsfield Jackson Int’l Airport completed it’s 5th runway last year. Apparently, O’Hare is doing similar things but having some construction issues, itemized by this advocacy group. Here are the details of the expansion, under Modernization Plan.

NH in the Hizz’ouse

Former transportation commissioner from NH elected to the Transportation Research Board. Go NH!

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