This Week in Traffic: 19 Jan 2007

Amusing Headline

This is only included for the Headline: “Zipper Repairs Snarls Traffic for Hours.”

Dancing Traffic Cop

Title says it all

DUI vs. Non-DUI Fatalities

Russell Sadler has some good points regarding the amount of attention paid to alcohol-related traffic fatalities. However, one of his main points is off the mark. He says:

We are indignant over senseless deaths caused by drunk drivers. We are less indignant over senseless deaths caused by sober drivers.

There is a good reason for this. Alcohol-related traffic deaths have a firm plurality, if not majority, in most states. The remainder are harder to pin down. There are many causes which don’t lend themselves to singular solutions. Alcohol is a much easier target, receiving the lion’s share of the blame, rightfully.

Iran/Iraq Transportation Issues

Iran and Iraq have signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning Air, Land, and Sea transport between the two countries. I’m sure there are lots of opportunities out there, despite the unpleasantness that is occurring as we speak.


The new 110th Congress is addressing Transportation Security Issues. Good bedtime reading…

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