This Monday (again) in Traffic: 15 Jan 2007

There’s all sorts of stuff piling in this week…

Big Dig

Traffic is moving through the Boston tunnel where a woman was killed last summer by a falling piece of falsework. Ironically, I get this news through a TV station out of Sioux City, Iowa.

Sydney Gridlock

Sydney Australia is in the same boat as Atlanta, GA. No matter how much money they throw at transportation, congestion will only get worse. It’s more how fast things will get worse than whether they will or not.

What particularly entertains me about this article isn’t the article itself. It is this quote: “A Federal Government report predicts traffic around Sydney will skyrocket by 25 per cent within the next 20 years…”

Skyrocket? 25% in 20 years is smallllll growth. Very very sloooowwwww… That’s 1.12% per year. Less than inflation in the U.S. If only our citys’ congestion would grow so slowly.

Ideal Work Environment

Rhode Island DOT has innovative way to encourage coming to work. How come the Texas DOT didn’t operate next to a strip joint while I was working there? Hardly seems fair.

Ancient Transport Blog

I found Ancient Transportation through the auspices of Roman History Books and More

Those Pesky Commuters!

Manhattan drivers stuck in traffic are admonished not to blame the out-of-town drivers.

On a personal note, I avoid driving into Manhattan like the plague, and I can’t imagine (notice there, argument by personal incredulity!) that I’m alone in that. Who wants to try and navigate by car a huge unfamiliar city when you can park and use public transit while reading a map.

L.A. Traffic Signal Disruption

More news about the two indicted defendants in the Great L.A. Traffic Signal Hack previoulsy noted here.

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