Letter to Ireland

Grandad has written a Letter to America. I’ve responded in the comments with my take on his points.

However, I’d like to address a letter back to Ireland.



Crap, I don’t know anything about Ireland. I know it’s the Emerald Isle and there’s no snakes and my friends John and Jeannette had a hell of a time climbing hills there and other pesky little things, but no real substance. In fact, now that I think about it, all I really know about Ireland is historical and filtered through the glass of anEnglishpoint of view. I know some little about Cromwell, and the Troubles. Annnnd, that’s about it.

I suck.

All right. The next non-fiction book I read will be some Irish history. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Letter to Ireland

  1. Grandad says:

    Ireland is an island situated in the Atlantic between Wales and Newfoundland.

    We do have snakes, but we call them Politicians.

    We also have hills, and in between them we have valleys. Actually, it’s quite a scenic place once you get out of the cities. But they are quite scenic too.

    There is a bit of the country we call The North that doesn’t really belong to us. But it doesn’t really belong to the UK either. So we ignore it.

    We speak English better than the English so the country tends to fill up with foreign students in the summer, trying to improve their linguistic skills.

    Don’t try reading about Irish history. It’s too confusing. I’m confused by it and so is everyone else. It’s mostly a pack of lies anyway [depending on who wrote it]

    Aw dammit – I’m going to have to write a blog-post on this – Ireland for the non-Irish……

  2. Grandad says:

    OK. For anyone over there who wants a definitive guide to Ireland, I have posted one in my Blog [Head Rambles].

    Unless of course, you aren’t interested. And that’s fine. No problem.

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