Irish Switching Sides?

Of the road, that is…

This popped into my feedreader today. Normally, I would include it in my weekly traffic posting, but I believe that it (potentially) deserves its own entry.

According to grandad, Ireland will be switching from left-side driving to right-side this summer. Unfortunately, a search for some official statement or speech to this effect turns up nothing. I’ve asked for a reference, or at least a confirmation that this is a joke. Once that is supplied, I’ll pop it in here.

But, I’m inclined to think that this is a joke because of this:

Initially, all buses and articulated vehicles will move to the right to allow for a period of adjustment. Car owners may opt to make the switch themselves on an individual basis, depending on their level of confidence.

Call me small-minded, but I don’t see a transition period working so well. In the spirit of jokingness, it would be quite funny, but in the spirit of seriousness, it would be ridiculous not to mention dangerous.

Posted elsewhere is a reference to this wikipedia article covering a similar transition in 1967 in Sweden.

My skeptical nature comes rampantly to the fore when I read blog entries like this with no citations. But, I will apologize in advance to grandad if my googling skill is merely inadequate to the task of producing the necessary citations on my own.

Edit 10:25: As noted in the comments, this was indeed a joke by grandad. Make sure you take a look at his potential impacts during the period of transition

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