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Three Dragon Ante

Mebbie-bumkins posted about her brand spanking new skill at poker, which made me recall the gift Jenn (sorry, Santa) gave me in my stocking. Three Dragon Ante at first elicited my thought of “oh, just a D&D version of 3-card … Continue reading

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Republican Shenanigans

Of course, I, being the good centrist that I am, prefer to say “Political Shenanigans” as I have no confidence that this kind of crap doesn’t go on with democratic staffers too. What would I do without Pharyngula to feed … Continue reading

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Blogging is Crack

A friend of mine who (to paraphrase) “just couldn’t get into this blogging stuff” is now drenching the interwaves with posts. It’s amazing. I’m agog.

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Dvorak & !Me

Well, my brief experiment with Dvorak is at an end for now. The system works well; I learned the keys quickly and my speed was picking up. Unfortunately, I hit a small snag: work. When I am needed to write-write-write, … Continue reading

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The Night Before Christmas…

…and all through the house, the trees are being decorated, by crazy felines who have owners who document their every move. Happy Christmas Eve, everyone.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

J.K. Rowling has named book 7! I object, though. When I read this bbc article it said, “The announcement was made on the writer’s official website.” I immediately (we’re talking nanoseconds, here) went to the official website and found…nothing. Just … Continue reading

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Bunny Loving!

This one is for all the bunny lovers out there. Especially Annie. Gacked from myconfinedspace via Pharyngula.

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Woo Woo Woo: Crazy Land

Through random occurrence, I popped over to the Troubled Times website. I was under the impression before clicking through that it was a survivalist/preparation website. Given some of the apolocalyptic fiction I read, there’s interest for me there. However, survival … Continue reading

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Iraq is Main Front of War on Gay Marriage

Andy Borowitz dissects the latest missive from President Bush.

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File Photos

I wrote an entry concerning a Carl Sagan anecdote as a part of his 10th deathday memorial. While I was writing it, I thought it would be cool to do a google-esque change to my blog header for one day. … Continue reading

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