Dvorak & !Me

Well, my brief experiment with Dvorak is at an end for now. The system works well; I learned the keys quickly and my speed was picking up. Unfortunately, I hit a small snag: work.

When I am needed to write-write-write, I must fall back on my best available typing option, i.e. QWERTY.

So, I will have to find another opportunity to learn Dvorak. Sometime when I know I won’t be needing to write large documents for a while.

Happy Christmas Gift-Return-Day, by the way!

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One Response to Dvorak & !Me

  1. Tenner says:

    Sometimes the fun of something like Dvorak is just knowing you can do it. I came to the same realization when learning Dvorak way so long ago.

    Yes, it’s good. Yes, it’s theoretically faster. But it doesn’t matter when you’ve spent 20 years of your life on a Qwerty keyboard and 20 days on Dvorak.

    So when I have kids, maybe I’ll have them learn Dvorak over Qwerty. As if they need another reason for getting beaten up in middle school.

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