Woo Woo Woo: Crazy Land

Through random occurrence, I popped over to the Troubled Times website. I was under the impression before clicking through that it was a survivalist/preparation website. Given some of the apolocalyptic fiction I read, there’s interest for me there.

However, survival was only the skin of what I found.

Troubled Times believes that a world-wide cataclysm, of massive proportions, will strike the Earth in 2003 or shortly thereafter. The cause of this natural event will be a monster planet, known to the ancients but as yet undiscovered by modern man, which will pass very near the earth as part of its normal 3,600 year orbit around the sun.

If you poke around, you discover what will happen when the 12th (what happened to 10th and 11th?) planet goes by:

…as this magnetic giant passes by, it will force our North and South Poles to rotate 90 degrees. The shifting poles will drag the Earth’s crust with them, ultimately producing a new global map in a matter of hours in a massive cataclysm affecting all life on earth. These events have occurred before, as ancient legends and Prophecies fortell, creating what man interprets to be ice ages, wandering poles and the flood, and have resulted in the extinction of the Mastodon and the sinking of Atlantis.

We know this because the aliens told us:

The Zetas are a group of Service-to-Other Beings who are assisting this planet and it’s people in the transformation from 3rd to 4th density. This Transformation is happening now, and will be completed sometime after the passage of the 12th Planet, and the resulting Pole Shift that this passage will cause.

I recommend this website just for the amusment.

Of course, this is all bogus crap. Leaving aside the fact that Spacewatch as well as a host of amateur astronomers would certainly have seen anything that is, “…4 times larger and 23 times more dense than Earth,” the website is chock full of alien gobbledygook and bad physics and alien conspiracies.

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