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I wrote an entry concerning a Carl Sagan anecdote as a part of his 10th deathday memorial.

While I was writing it, I thought it would be cool to do a google-esque change to my blog header for one day. Put up an image of the night sky, or the moon, or something spacey. Of course, I’ve only had a digital camera since 2002; I haven’t accumulated too many different types of images, especially night ones. I tend to take pictures with an eye toward inclusion in a photo album. I do have a lot of roadway/traffic related pictures, but most of them are pretty boring

So, a new task. A quest, even! Take some pictures that are blog-worthy and useful under different circumstances. I believe the first ones I get will be night images around Atlanta. You can do cool stuff with long exposures around highways.

Sounds like it is time to break down and get a flickr account.

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