A Traitor to her Sex

This evening on NPR’s All Things Considered, Nadia Colin (spelling uncertain) of Texas was quoted saying that women shouldn’t be elected president. She said, “Coming from Texas, I think the majority of us feel that with a male leader we feel safer. I would not vote for a woman president, ever.”

It is the year 2006. If anyone had uttered a sentence like that substituting “black” or “hispanic” for “woman”, they would be strung up and left to rot. The fact that anyone, anywhere still has these sorts of attitudes both depresses me and reaffirms my belief that all people are not created equal. They are indoctrinated from birth with preconceptions that they fail to question.*

What is wrong with America, represented by this woman, that they cannot conceive of a woman wielding effective power? The quoted woman must reexamine her priorities. If women are only for cooking and making babies, she is hypocritical being interviewed on the radio. She is not qualified; she is a woman.

Let us stamp out this stereotype. The best thing you can do for a woman is what you would do for anyone. Support their goals, don’t condescend, and above all, be aware that on average, 50% of women are smarter than you.

*All high school frosh should be issued this bumper sticker.

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