"Oh What Fun, it is to drive…"

In case you’re new to me or this blog, I am a traffic engineer. Better yet, I’m a certified traffic engineer: a Pee-Toe (PTOE, Professional Traffic Operations Engineer). This involves doing several different things like studying how new construction will effect affect existing traffic patterns. Typically, we look at the current year, whatever year the construction will occur, than then some arbitrary horizon year, like 20 years out.

One of our tools is called Corsim CORSIM, and leaving out all the niggly details, we get pretty simulations like this:

Corsim Simulation of a mess at an interchange.

Argh. What a mess. Methinks I need to work on how the signals are timed at the intersections you see.

1311 Update: What a terrible job I did writing this. Look at all those grammar errors…

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