Battlestar vs. Star Destroyer

Another mashup found on Youtube, this one is well done. It perfectly illustrates why deep space combat as done (mostly) in Battlestar and (almost entirely) in Star Wars is silly. Self respecting admirals would not place their main combatants (i.e. Battlestars and/or Star Destroyers) in such close proximity to each other unless there was no other alternative. With the jump drive for battlestars and the light-speed option for star destroyers, I can’t think of any deep space possibilities where one side or another would be entirely without options for withdrawal.

But it makes for good cinema. Having an Honor Harrington-esque battle would be rather boring on screen.

Also found on Youtube, next to the previously mentioned mashup, is this vast overarching space battle with every fictional spaceship ever put on TV or cinema. It is amusing, and especially so when the Leonov from 2010 makes an appearance.

I’m thinking I need a new tag: “fanboy!”

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