Requeim for a Civil Defense Logo

The Old and New American civil defense (emergency management) logos

FEMA et al have released a brand new logo to replace the old Civil Defense logo initially adopted in 1939.

Quoting the NY Times:

The CD insignia, which the association called “a relic from the cold war,” was eulogized by Richard Grefé, the executive director of the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

“The old mark fits in the same category of simplicity and impact occupied by the London Underground map,” Mr. Grefé said.

I must be missing a historical allusion. Is a map of the London Underground a simple and impactful object?

Please, if I’m missing what this means, inform me…

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4 Responses to Requeim for a Civil Defense Logo

  1. Tenner says:

    Hmm… I think he means the London Underground’s trademark bar-over-open-circle. Heck of a difference though.

  2. Tenner says:

    Oh, and I didn’t even realize that the civil defense logo was still in use.

    Whereas generally I find it ridiculous that often we replace the most iconic and easily-recognized images for the sake of style, I think updating the civil defense logo is a good call.

  3. Bill says:

    Oh yes. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that he was referring to the Underground logo, which seems a bit silly in retrospect. Afterall, the whole article concerned logos. I blame it on lack of sleep and too much coffee.

  4. Jenn says:

    I too thought immediately of the underground logo (which in the logo world is famous). But the person should have said logo not map. There is a clear difference. As avis HP fans we know Dumbledore has a scar of the underground map on his leg and so of course we know this is not a simple scar/map. And somehow this means you believing what the guy said and probably not what is meant is fine.

    Okay now (if anyone reading this can’t tell) I’m tired and going to bed.

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