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Holy Wrong Hemisphere, Batman!

German tourist destined for Sydney, Australia ends up in Sidney, Montana, USA! Hey, it’s winter out there, folks! Gacked from Matt Rosenberg

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The Week in Traffic

Pac-Man is eating dots on Minnesotta Highways. Another story featuring the same item, with more detail but less video. Pac-man should have been painted in an elongated fashion like the striped words you see on streets, for better visibility by … Continue reading

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Eating FrankenCows

The FDA has released its draft assesment of the safety of cloned animals entering the human food supply. They are inviting public comment for the next 90 (89, today) days. I don’t intend to read this thing, but I will … Continue reading

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Gregorian Calendar

Here are some history and details about the Gregorian Calendar, brought to you by Matt Rosenberg, friendly neighborhood provider of weekly emails concerning geography. The most interesting thing (to me) in this article is that it took 170 years to … Continue reading

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Armadillo Run

I read a review of the physics-based game Armadillo Run. It sounded cool, so I downloaded the trial and gave it a whirl. Awesome. This game revolves around building structures to get the ball from its start point to the … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn't Recommend Books

I have given up taking book recommendations from the masses. I am a quick reader, but I won’t read things if I don’t like them, or if they don’t entertain me. I have developed opinions about novels over the course … Continue reading

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Harriet Klausner

You learn new things every day. Not necessarily useful things, but things. Possibly, these various items may pop up in a bar quiz someday. I can only hope. Today’s thing is Harriet Klausner. This was clued to me by one … Continue reading

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War on Christmas

There is a new perpetrator in the media-hyped “War on Christmas.” This “new aggressor” (as mentioned by The Moderate Voice) is shamefully ignoring its own conservative base, the very ones who initiated and continue to perpetuate this mythical “War.” I … Continue reading

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Transformers Trailer

There’s a new trailer out for the Transformers movie coming next summer.

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Polar Ice Albedo and Ponderings

I’ve been reading (not exhaustively) since it popped up on the 2006 Best Science Weblogs nominations. I like science blogs that stretch what I know about topics, yet are not so far past me that I can’t make heads … Continue reading

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