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Play Money

I heard about the book Play Money on NPR last week. The author, Julian Dibbell, is a freelance writer who as a part of investigating a story, became an online trader of Ultima Online items and currency. I was fascinated … Continue reading

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Logical Conclusion to Heroes

Warning: Spoilers, if you haven’t watched this week’s Heroes yet… We know that Claire can survive all sorts of devastating physical trauma. She can be smashed, burned, sliced, diced, and julienned without long-lasting consequences. We have observed her to be … Continue reading

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My Pick for 2008!

We are one step closer to my fantasy ticket for 2008. McCain-Lieberman!

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Thrashers are Thrashing

If you’re not paying attention to the huge news out of Atlanta, the Thrashers are out to their best start ever, currently holding a 12-5-3 record and third in the league for points (27). Buffalo is leading the Eastern Conference … Continue reading

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In case you don’t watch Battlestar Galactica, “Frak” is a tv-happy euphemism for F**K. There, now you’re more educated that you were. Never let it be said that reading the NY Times is without merit. How else would I have … Continue reading

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Democratic Stronghold in Georgia and other Musings…

Today was day-after-elections, as I’m sure you all are aware (if you’re a US reader). And there is a very interesting phenomenon taking place in Georgia. (If you aren’t familiar with Georgia geography and politics, this will probably not be … Continue reading

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First Blow in the Squirrel War!

We’ve got squirrels in the attic. They make a significant amount of noise and have tramped down 50% of the insulation. I promised Jenn that I would attempt non-lethal methods of squirrel-disposal before resorting to poison, traps, or guns. Three … Continue reading

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Tenure: Denied!

It pains me to publish that Dr. Jones’ application for tenure has been denied.

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Phenylephrine HCL

I’ve been sick the last few days. Usually, I get a cold, it sucks but I take decongestants or cough suppresants or analgesics (or all of the above) and just deal with it. Rarely do I feel the need to … Continue reading

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Newark Liberty International Airport

I was reading the NY Times this morning when this article caught my attention: “NEWARK, New Jersey (CNN) — A commercial plane with more than 300 people on board bumped an empty plane Tuesday at Newark Liberty International Airport.” When … Continue reading

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