Phenylephrine HCL

I’ve been sick the last few days. Usually, I get a cold, it sucks but I take decongestants or cough suppresants or analgesics (or all of the above) and just deal with it. Rarely do I feel the need to just sit and do nothing while the microscopic war is raging inside my system.

Unfortunately, the last two days have been the stay-at-home-avoid-moving-cause-my-head-will-throb-off type of cold. Sinus pressure has built to the point that I expect my head to just blowout like a steam vessel relieving pressure.

Again, normally the decongestant (read: sinus relief) I would take is Pseudoephedrine HCL, but Georgia is now one of the states that locks it behind the counter and requires background checks and waiting periods for purchase so you don’t go home and whip up a batch of meth with that one box. Thusly, aside from two doses I took on Tuesday, all we had for me on Wednesday was Phenylephrine HCL.

It does not cut the mustard.

So, happy readers, if you are sick and need relief, stay away from Sudafed PE, and go straight for the good stuff. Thankfully, I remembered that I keep some pseudoephedrine in my work bag for situations such as this one, so today will be ok, until I run out and need to go to the pharmacy and get strip searched to purchase more.

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