Newark Liberty International Airport

I was reading the NY Times this morning when this article caught my attention:

“NEWARK, New Jersey (CNN) — A commercial plane with more than 300 people on board bumped an empty plane Tuesday at Newark Liberty International Airport.”

When did NJ rename Newark? A quick google search indicates that it was 2006. Ok, why did they rename Newark International? I don’t recall it having some pesky name like “Newark French International Airport”, or something like that.

I have problems with this renaming trend that’s going on because of [picture GWB here], “the war on terrah.” The terrorists, extrememists, whatever, are not going to materially affect the territorial integrity of the U.S. nor it’s political system, unless we let them. Going willy nilly renaming everything in sight as if we are fighting the Revolutionary War is plain dumb.

BTW, no one was injured on that plane.

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