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Blogging Pathologies

Check out this link for a list of blogging pathologies, as supplied by Velcro City Tourist Board. I do not fully exhibit most of these, but a few ring uncomfortably close. Notably the reading aspects, not the writing ones.

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Peter Jackson = LotR? Maybe…

Three times in 12 hours, I’ve been spammed by a Save The Lord of the Rings post relating that only Peter Jackson could possibly do a movie based on The Hobbit. Obviously this took a bit of time to ramp … Continue reading

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Seen on an Atlanta Highway

Recently I was doing fieldwork and I snapped this picture. Would you trust this clown with your child? I wouldn’t.

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On Tangents and Other Necessary Brain Cleansers

Frequent readers will realize that not much has occurred on this blog for the past month or so. There’s been some spats, but not vast torrents like today. The deluge has a simple explanation: it’s writer’s block. Seriously. I’m sitting … Continue reading

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Excellent Website

Cleaning out the “to be posted” file… I’ve spent the past week or so perusing the pages on this website. Most are strangely amusing. My favorite quote, found on the page of Astronomically Unlikely is: …if all-natural organic free-range babies … Continue reading

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Lost? How Lost are you?

I suspect that the number of comments I received on this post about Lost was due to the juxtaposition of “Lost” and “Shit” in the same googleable sentence. Somebody even popped up just last week to drop a comment. I’m … Continue reading

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Do Not Click on this Link…

…if you are my nephews or niece. Or anyone else who is traumatized (or might have a parent who would call to traumatize ME!) by blue language. Otherwise, I insist that you learn about the newest academic theory. Enjoy.

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Blog Whoring

I dutifully link to Acephalous in his attempt to track a rampaging Meme across the interblogoweb. Interestingly enough, this is for purely academic purposes, not for blatant blog whoring. He plans to present at MLA concerning this experiement. Having been … Continue reading

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Finally, A freaky-weird scheme I can get behind I even have a half-day off that friday! The Science The Global Consciousness Project (, Princeton University, runs a network of Random Event Generators (REGs) around the world, which record changes in randomness during global events. I need to … Continue reading

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Forsooth! It is Book!

As only a ten-question quiz can do, it has summarized my life down to the last string of vestigal DNA. I feel complete and without any more purpose. What Kind of Reader Are You? Your Result: Dedicated Reader You are … Continue reading

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